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Roam /rōm/: to move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically

Hi! We are Madison and Jake, twenty something newlyweds from the US who love to roam. Our blog is for those restless souls that want an adventure.

Born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, we are sunset chasers, hammock nappers and postcard collectors. We will never pass up tacos or a good “that’s what she said” joke. Our love story started in 2012 with several tall boys of PBR, a fist bump, a missing toe ring and a tandem longboard ride.

In the past 5 years we have traveled to 50+ countries while working full-time corporate jobs. We have squeezed every ounce of adventure out of our wimpy two weeks of vacation, carefully planning overlaps with holidays and three-day weekends to maximize our trips. After many late night, wine-fueled conversations and one life-changing trip to Africa, we decided to take the leap and leave everything behind.

Over the last 4 months we have travelling through Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Nepal, India and United Arab Emirates. We are currently participating in the Mongol Rally, an epic road trip thundering thousands of miles from the UK through Mongolia to Siberia, Russia to raise money for charity.

We share a passion for learning, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. Through M+J Roam, we hope to share the best from around the world. Roam with us!

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

Madison at three rondavels lookout

Rumor has it that Madison comes from a line of mafia wine-smugglers – which would explain her determination and sense of adventure. She once tamed an octopus while diving in Hawaii. She loves a good dive bar cover band, crime mystery podcasts, cheap beer, Rick Steves, charcuterie boards and taking naps. Madison has many useless skills including making really good playlists and writing haiku’s.

Jake scuba diving

Jake enjoys watching YouTube videos of Giraffes neck fighting, making excel spreadsheets and eating cereal. He recently joined the ranks of ambitious drone pilots everywhere. He is Gonzaga basketball’s number one fan and thinks that March Madness should be a national holiday. Even though he once fell into a manhole in Indonesia and had his taste buds burnt off by a spicy pepper in Vietnam, he really enjoys traveling!